In 1986,“Cahaya Kimia” was established by 3 siblings, this family business started to sold chemical’s products
from a small kiosk in North Jakarta to all over the city. It was not easy to operate for the first several years,
in 1990, “Cahaya Kimia” has successfully show its capability by establishing new chemical’s company
under its name---- “CV. Kurnia Jaya”.

Today, “CV. Kurnia Jaya” has become one of Indonesia most well known chemical trading company, chemical
distributor and chemical manufacturer. It offers more than 100 chemical products and distributes it to more
than 500 customers all over Indonesia.

For most years, our presence in Indonesia really brings help for most industries, especially for those textile,
batik, jeans, soap and water treatment industries. We supplied and supported those industries to keep expanding
and becoming the leading company in their area until now.

As a chemical trading company with lots of experiences, we’re trying to further raise our professionalism,
performance, and technology to offer utmost service to the business partner and customer in particular and
to support the country development in general.

In the near future, we have vision to become the MOST LEADING TRADING COMPANY in Indonesia and
International Standard’s Chemical Company. To keep maintaining our loyal customers, we will never ever stop
do innovation to improve and create new products with highly competitive and good price.


"To become one of the biggest chemical trading company in the region
and international chemical producer
with high quality products."


1. Becoming an efficient company with highly competitive price

2. Maintaining and improving products’ quality and services as the basis of our customer satisfaction
3. Be innovative and creative
4. Serve International Costumers with International standard of chemical products.
5. Business improvement base on skill and expertise.